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15 Ingenious Ways to Reuse a Liquor Bottle
Jan 12, 2018

Once you’ve downed all of the “good stuff” out of your liquor bottles, don’t just pitch ’em in the trash. There are endless ways that you can re-purpose an old alcohol bottle and turn it into a crafty D.I.Y. decoration.

Gather up all your empty liquor bottles, or maybe borrow some from a friend, and take a look at these 15 ways you can bring new life to your used glass bottles.

15. Photo frame

DIY Network

You may have made some good memories while emptying this bottle, but now you can re-purpose your old liquor bottle as a keepsake for those memories. Once the bottle is empty, you can insert photos — along with beads, pearls, shells, sand or any other trinkets you can squeeze in — through the bottleneck. This bottle frame is great for displaying wedding photos, too.

14. Tiki torch

DIY Cozy Home

Even after you emptied all the alcohol out of it, your bottle can still be the life of the party if you re-purpose it into this stylish tiki torch. Find the instructions and everything you need to make the perfect summer outdoor illumination here.

13. Soap dispenser


As it turns out, liquor bottles aren’t only good for dispensing alcohol; you can upcycle them into soap dispensers, too. This is a simple D.I.Y. decoration, and all it requires is an empty bottle and a dispenser top.  Fill it up with your liquid soap of choice. Pro tip: any standard dispenser top will screw onto a 200-milliliter glass bottle of Jack.

12. Chalkboard wine bottles

Her Campus

Chalkboard paint is all the rage on the crafting scene right now. You can make your own mini chalkboard wine bottle with just a few simple materials. Take your empty bottle and paint it with colored acrylic paint. Then, paint a rectangle in the center of the bottle using black chalkboard paint. Once the paint dries, wrap some twine around the neck of the bottle for some added flair.

11. Bottle top table


Who says you have to limit your alcohol bottle crafts to just the bottle? We’re all about being resourceful, so go ahead and make use of your bottle caps, too! This bottle cap table is sealed with resin, and it’s a project suited for an experienced crafter. If you’re up for the challenge of creating this D.I.Y. table (and emptying the bottles that all those caps came from), then you can find all the instructions for building this table here.

10. Flower vases


If you want to upcycle your old bottles into something beautiful, look no further than these flower vases. All you have to do is drink the alcohol in the bottle and then stick some freshly cut flowers through the neck.

9. Bottle Lamp

Pioneer Settler

For some vintage-inspired lighting, pair a used liquor bottle with a lampshade. Drill a hole into the back of the empty bottle and run the cord through the hole and up the neck. For the full instructions, go here.

8. Salt & Pepper Shakers



These mini Patron bottles aren’t just for sampling liquor. You can also repurpose them as stylish salt and pepper shakers.

7. Bottle Planter Kits

Viral Nova

With a glass cutter and some plants, you can transform your old bottle into a mini garden. This is a trendy and sustainable piece that would look good indoors or out.

6. Stone Textured Wine Bottle

Her Campus

You don’t have to be an expert crafter to pull off this D.I.Y. With some stone textured spray paint, you can easily transform your empty wine bottle into a trendy centerpiece, vase or candle holder. You can pick up the textured paint at most home improvement stores.

5. Candle Stick


Once you pop the top off of your bottle and empty it, you’re pretty much set for this D.I.Y. Just secure a long, thin candle into the neck of the bottle, and you have yourself a liquor bottle candlestick.

4. Bedazzled Bottle

Her Campus

Calling all glitter queens (we’re looking at you, Kacey Musgraves). If you like to display your leftover bottles, but you aren’t a fan of the dull and clear look of a plain bottle, you can jazz it up with some sequins and jewels. Glitter is always a good choice.

3. Bottle Lights


These bottle lights make the perfect party lights. All you have to do is drill a hole in the back of several empty bottles and then run a string of lights through them.

2. Candle

Cambira Wines

This elegant and classy candle is a simple D.I.Y. Use a glass cutter to cut off the bottom of a wine bottle. Then, melt some wax and pour it into the bottle and insert a wick.

1. Shot Glass

Snap Guide

Once you empty the alcohol out of your bottle, get ready to put some more back in after you transform it into a D.I.Y. shot glass. Using a glass cutter, cut off the bottom of your bottle, and then voila! You have a shot glass made out of a liquor or beer bottle.