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Analysis of problems and causes in the use of beer bottles
Feb 06, 2018

The beer bottle in the process of using repeatedly subjected to mechanical force, collision, friction, scratch, hot and cold temperature change of atmosphere and water erosion, with the use of time, will cause the reduction of mechanical strength, impact strength, impact strength of beer bottle, easily lead to rupture, bottle explosion phenomenon.

Glass is a kind of brittle material. It has high compressive strength and high hardness. However, its flexural and tensile strength is not high, and its brittleness is larger.

The reason for the low tensile strength of glass is due to the brittleness of glass and the existence of micro cracks (especially surface microcracks) and uneven zones (mechanical weakness) in glass. In addition, the active medium has great influence on the strength of glass. First, it penetrates into the crack and expands the crack like a wedge. The two is the chemical action of the glass, which destroys the structure, for example, breaking the silicon oxygen bond. The active medium refers to the polar medium such as water, acid, alkali and some salts, among which the intensity of the water is most reduced.

There is also fatigue fracture in glass. At normal temperature, the glass has no macroscopic plastic deformation on the surface of the metal material, and the glass strength varies with the loading speed or the loading time. The greater the loading speed, the longer the loading time, the greater the damage strength, the load that will not be destroyed in a short time, and the time will break for a long time.

Bad, this phenomenon is called the fatigue of glass.

From the above analysis, the beer bottle should avoid collision, scratch and reuse for a long time during the use of beer bottle. We should take full speed packaging methods, such as pallets, plastic and so on, to eliminate or minimize the packaging of sacks and woven bags, so as to keep the strength of beer bottles and extend the service life of beer bottles. In addition, the production process of beer bottle

It is also an effective measure to improve the strength by taking cold and hot end coatings.