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Why use wooden packaging
Aug 04, 2016

We all know that for different items, we choose packaging materials is different, a box with high quality, so you don't have to worry about damage due to anthropogenic or natural factors; for some valuable fragile or perishable items, we must make good use of packaging protection, transportation security, or will suffer a great loss.

Wooden packaging is today mainstream packaging one of, main is due to wooden packaging has many plastic packaging, packaging form not has of advantage, using wooden packaging can guarantee packaging within items of security, prevent in transport process in the damaged, also can achieved vacuum packaging, and inflatable packaging and so on like of additional packaging; last, it can effective of protection environment, can transport dust serious, and toxic, and stimulus sex, and radioactive of products.

From the above analysis we all know why you want to use packed, xiaobian recommended can choose when we were transporting valuables packed, but according to the circumstances in which the goods.