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Cork transformation process
Aug 04, 2016

1. A cork production, typically takes 6 months to 1 year period, starting from the peeling bark. In the world's largest producer of Cork – Portugal, harvesting season starting from May, until the end of June. Harvest time, the workers carefully stripped Cork oak (an oak wood deciduous trees, bark, soft and flexible "Cork" developed) Cork, not too deep, otherwise the tree will die back due to inability to resist the parasite. After each harvest, take 9 years to the same strains of Quercus variabilis upon taking the Cork. A healthy tree Quercus variabilis is 200 years, stripping up to 18 times.

2. Cork stripping down in the open air. Good summer sun to dry Cork in the water; continuous rain in the fall and clean Cork contains tannins. In the jargon, this day is called the Cork "stable" for up to six months, longer in danger of mildew.

3. Dried soft wood can be cut into the Cork. Cutting is also an art, experienced workers only have to take a look, you can judge the advantages and disadvantages of plate texture. Cutting chips must not be wasted, they are collected, processed aggregate material for Cork.

4. Cork finished they sterilize, selection, picking out fine edges or cracks and other defects on the surface of the product. High quality Cork, the surface must be smooth and pores are small and few.