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Cork standard
Aug 04, 2016

Wine industry is developing rapidly in China, but called the "wine life guard" Cork but few research, national standards, industry standards in China has not been a cork, the Cork industry competition is serious. In order to change this situation, the State wine and liquor, wine products quality supervision and inspection center, which lasted more than two years, has developed of the corks for wine and other food packaging standards. The standard scope, terms of use, format consistency have to undergo a rigorous examination of experts, informative, scientific and standardized, with excellent maneuverability. The corks for wine and other food packaging provides for wine and other food packaging with a cork of terms and definitions, product classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packing, transportation and storage. Applicability of the corks for wine and other food packaging, alcoholic, beverages and other food packaging containers with corks.

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