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What are the common classifications of 6 red wine bottles?
Feb 18, 2019
transparent glass burgundy bottle.jpg

We often see wines with a capacity of 750 ml, which is the standard capacity of wine.

Bordeaux bottle (Bordeaux)

This is a more commonly used bottle with a round body and shoulders. Because it was first used in Bordeaux, it was made into a Bordeaux bottle. In terms of Bordeaux's traditional concept of drinking, wine is stored in order to be quoted. The stored wine is prone to sediment. This bottle design can retain sediment when pouring wine.


Because it was the earliest use of this bottle shape in the Burgundy area, it became a bottle of burgundy. The bottom of the bottle is relatively shallow, so it is not suitable for wines that are easy to precipitate after ageing, such as dark red wine, but suitable for white wine or Pinot Noir.

Flat bottle (Flask)

This shape is based on the scrotum shape of the ram. The French wines in the French Franconian region and Portugal use this bottle-shaped bottle.

Flute-shaped bottle (German Flute)

Also known as the Rhein bottle, the bottle is tall and narrow, from the brown bottle used in the Rhine Valley region of Germany, from the Mosel-saar-Ruwer production area with green bottles.

Sparkling Bottle

The use of thick glass, because of the pressure inside the sparkling wine, this design can strengthen the pressure resistance of the bottle, the plug is mushroom-shaped, and fixed with metal wire.

Port bottle

Its shape is inspired by the period of wine loading with the skin, is the originator of modern wine bottles, dark thick glass bottles, square shoulders, convex neck, can also retain sediment.