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Wooden boxes for export packing what are standards?
Aug 04, 2016

With the global economic downturn, equip enterprises all over the world feel very weak. China's equipment manufacturing industry is also facing the same predicament, out of the country, products are sold to all over the world, and will also be the companies must step up the face.

As a global manufacturing power and export the knowledge of packing cases still must clear. Standard wooden boxes for export packing can save time for the export of products, and can reduce a lot of unnecessary procedures in customs clearance time. As professional export packaging wooden packaging enterprises in Shanghai, made a presentation on wooden boxes for export packing standards, the enterprise for export packaging staff has been understood.

Wooden boxes for export into exempt boxes and wooden boxes, free wooden box that is the fumigation box, solid wood wooden box is required after fumigation with heat treatment of packing cases. Both properties are the same, is due to pass through solid wood packaging requires heat treatment to eliminate pests, so as to achieve export transport standards.

What kind of export packing cases, you can generally according to the weight of the product to choose. With 5 tons product weight to be a tipping point below 5 tonnes can directly select fumigation exemption cases, whereas with fumigation of wood wooden box.