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Wine Cork making process
Aug 04, 2016

The sealed bottle of wine in many ways, the most common is Cork and screw caps. Compared to the screw cap production, cork production process is significantly more complex.

1, recovery

Raw materials Cork oak bark, oak trees grown mainly in Portugal and Spain and other places. Typically, in order to ensure the quality of Cork, after the Oaks, take 9 years to harvest time. Although the bark of oak regeneration, but extremely hot summer in the Mediterranean, so workers will generally leave some bark to protect Oaks.

Of course, in order to facilitate the recovery again after 9 years, workers in the bark mark pick that year on year, in case of error recovery, and affect the growth and the quality of cork oak.

2, pick

Usually, Cork is harvested after the best inside the concrete floor, let it dry, but also to avoid contamination. Zhihou, workers will pick the Cork, remove completely with wood.

Compared with the figure on the right, left Cork is too thin, not very suitable for making high quality natural cork, but can be used to produce technical Cork (Technical Corks), there comes in.

3, boiled

Selection has been completed, workers will first step in processing the bark: boil. Boiling is designed to soften and clean the Cork, and cooked pieces of wood, very clean and smooth, easy further processing.

4, classification

Block of Cork is relatively large, needs to be cut into suitably sized strips. But quality varies in different Cork, hence the need to classify, only good quality can be used to make natural corks (Natural Wine Corks).

5, stamping

Stamping sheet refers to press and mould to force, to produce plastic deformation or separation. Usually, corks by hand or machine stamping, but of variable quality.

Of course, the Cork punch after the remaining wood (pictured below) is not wasted. Usually ground into granules, used to make composite (Agglomerate Corks)

6, classification

After Cork made, the machine will automatically be sent one by one to the appropriate level within the container.

Then, workers sort again, to ensure that the quality of the corks. So, stay on when the filter is the best Cork, prices are not cheap.

7, finished