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Open wine fault do
Aug 04, 2016

I believe many people have this experience: corkscrew opening wine, Cork from a break in the Middle, a piece of Cork, unfortunately in a bottleneck won't come in.

Encounter broken do? Don't panic, easily by following these steps:

First step is to observe the card stopper in the bottle.

If envelopes or wrapped in a bottleneck location, please be removed as a whole, so that a later operation.

Wipe the bottle with a towel to be careful.

Don't continue to then follow the old ways go to opener in the remaining half of the Cork, which would easily put the Cork into the bottle, contaminated liquor.

Then the bottle tilted at 45 degrees

Opener slowly and carefully from the plug breaks into the Cork, because force is inclined towards the wall and therefore not easily pushed left the Cork into the bottle. When corkscrew into Cork again after being bottle and Cork up carefully. If you find broken Cork is too short, do not hesitate to direct to drill through.

Looking for a coffee filter paper and gauze or other filters

If it is broken or debris of Cork into the bottle, then as soon as possible to find a coffee filter paper, gauze or other filter wine.