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How is packed air permeability?
Aug 04, 2016

We will choose the frame wooden box packaging, drafty frame wooden case design principles in order to damp-proof, breathable, except in the wooden base plate air gap or open the ventilation hole, also in the box on the side or face of installed ventilated structure, ventilation structures comply with the number of boxes depending on the volume of the framework.

Waterproof claim is packed in the framework in the side below the surface and top cover, section lined with waterproof material, such as plastic film, paper and Tin roofing, waterproofing (galvanized steel), box under the upper edge of the wood shop box on lower edge of wood.

In addition to outside and lined with waterproof material, also set on the floor for drainage and ventilation gaps or openings between adjacent floor space dimensions for 0.5-1cm hole to open more than 4, 1.2cm diameter, its contents should be avoided.

When the cargo, Rusty's reason is because the water, if we are able to guarantee packed in waterproof and ventilated, it can be a good solution to this problem, ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods, so as to how to improve this good performance is the wooden factory primary factors to be considered.