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How to distinguish high flint color and crystal clear color glass bottle
Feb 01, 2018

Crystal clear glass bottles and high flint glass bottles are very difficult to distinguish from the appearance.Please refer to the following analysis from a professional point of view.

First,color: high flint glass bottle with good whiteness, high transparency; crystal clear glass bottle with high refractive index, crystal clear, large density characteristics.

Second,raw material: high flint material glass raw materials to choose concentrate less impurities, high purity, when necessary, with the acid cleaning of raw materials, raw materials in the removal of impurities such as iron; the content of silica crystal clear material glass raw material is high, the high content of silica glass bottle, with a high refractive index, crystal clear and density characteristics.

The third is the weight: the high flint glass bottle generally weigh 180g, 280g, 480g and 520g, and the average weight of the white glass bottle is 220g 420g, 550G, 580g, 620g, 650g, 680g, 650g and so on.

Finally, the processing requirements: the high white glass bottle for the row machine (machine) processing, the mold usually needs 1 - 2 groups, the crystal white material glass bottle mostly uses the manual processing, the mold needs 4 to 5 groups.