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How to distinguish the liquor?Part 1
Feb 28, 2018

How to distinguish the liquor?

Spirits is a high concentration of liquor.It is also called distilled liquor. Distilled liquor is an indispensable part of liquor making, and it is also a major field of wine development.

The Liquor is usually divided into six categories:

Gin; Whisky; Brandy; Vodka; Rum and Tequila.


Brandy means "the water of life", which is usually called the "soul of wine". Brandy is a wine made of fermented and distilled fruit as the raw material. It originally came from Holland Brandewijn. It means "combustible wine". The famous brandy is CALVADOS. It is distilled from apple and tastes great.

Brandy alcohol at 40-43 degrees, although the liquor, but after a long time of aging, its taste is soft, pure flavor, You will feel elegant and comfortable after drinking.


Gin is the first made for a special purpose of human spirits, gin's hometown in Holland, which originated in 1660, was first invented by a Holland University Professor, BYTH, its purpose is to let the tropical prevention of infection the first is the use of drugs as disease, diuretic, heat. It was soon discovered that this diuretic has a harmonious fragrance, harmonious taste, alcohol,and a clean body. It has a natural and clear style. It is quickly consumed by people as a formal alcoholic beverage. Martini, the world famous Martini cocktail is a gin formulated the "cocktail heart".


Tequila is a specialty ofMexico, known as the soul ofMexico. Tequila is a small town inMexico, named after the origin of this wine to. Tequila is sometimes called the ‘tequila spirits’, because this stuff is very special, with tequila (Agave) as raw materials. Tequila is a kind of Agavaceae plants are usually grown for 12 years, after the mature cut to the winery, then cut into halves soaked for 24 hours. Then squeeze the juice, juice and sugar into the fermentation cabinet fermentation from two to two and a half days, then after two times of distillation and. Tequila isMexiconative wine.

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