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How to distinguish the liquor? Part 2
Mar 06, 2018

How to distinguish the liquor?


Rum is a sugar cane distilled liquor as raw material for the production of molasses, pressed out of sugar cane juice, after fermentation, distillation and. The main production features of this wine is: special aroma (esterproduced) added yeast and producing organic acid bacteria, fermentation, followed by distillation and aging.

Rum is yellowish, brown liquid, with delicate, sweet taste, the smell of alcohol both fragrant and beautiful. The age of rum is not important, but it depends on whether it is the origin. It is divided into two styles, light and strong.


Vodka(cereals and potatoes as the raw material), made by distillation of up to 95 degrees of alcohol, using distilled water dilution to 40 DEG -60 DEG, and the activated carbon filter, make liquor more crystal clear, colorless and light and refreshing, makes people feel not sweet, bitter, astringent, only fire like stimuli the formation of unique characteristics of vodka. As a result, vodka is the most flexible, adaptable and versatile wine in a variety of cocktails.


Whisky is an alcoholic beverage made from barley, rye, oats, wheat and corn and fermented and distilled into oak barrels. The main producing countries are English speaking countries.

Rum Glass Bottle ZC1000-3908.JPG

Rum Glass Bottle

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Vodka Glass Bottle

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Whisky Glass Bottle